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15.-16.12.2007 Our last cat show in 2007 -  Budapest: Sniežik and Indy were nominated to BIS both days, Maňulinka got CACE, Miauka was BOS neuter!
8.-9.12.2007 Cat show Lannach in Austria: Sniežik was nominated on Sunday, Miauka both days and BOS neuter on Sunday, Maňulinka got certificate CACE both days ....Miau-Miau of Black Star*SK is Europa Premior!
1.-2.12.2007 Cat show in Olomouc, Sniežik and Miauka got cups like BIS winners both days! Sniežik is JUNIOR WINNER!
18.11.2007 A really big and special show in Netherland - Niewegein, Sniežik was BIS in hard competition of 14 kittens!
10.-11.11.2007 Cat show in Wien: Sniežik and Miauka were nominated to BIS!
27.-28.10.2007 World Cat Show in Bratislava: Sniežik and Miauka were nominated to BIS - with the best cats of FIFe´s world!
13.-14.10.2007 Cat show in Ostrava, Sniežik BIS on Saturday, nominated on Sunday! Miau both days CAPE and BOS neuter!
29.9.2007 Show in Liberec, Sniežik and Miauka were nominated...
23.9.2007 We are enjoying to our new persian white boy - Sniežik....
22.9.20007 Cat Show in Wels: Merci and  Miou were nominated, Miauka BOS neuter!                                                                       
15.-16.9.2007 Cat show in Bratislava: our kittens Sisi /Singing in the Rain/ and Romanka and their new owner were first time at the show. They was both days nominated to BIS in big competition! Merci 2x CAGCIB and NOM on sunday, Miauka BIS neuter both days!                                                                     
1.-2.9.2007 Cat show in Chodová Planá: Indy nominated both days, Ikey nominated on Saturday and 2x CACE, Merci both days and BIS on Sunday, Miauka BIS neuter female both days and nomination to  EXO special!                                                                       
4.8.2007      Some pictures from our summer holliday.... -                                                                
29.7.2007      We have new kittens, first time from Lara Croft Black Star and Wild Wine Terra felis, and from Cecilka and Nanučik again...
24.6.2007     Magnolia del Tao del Miao - Romanka´s Maňulinka - is INTER CHAMPION already!!!                                                               
23.-24.6.2007 Cat show Interfelis Brno: Lovík nominated on Saturday,  Merci on Sunday and is Inter champion, Indy BOS neuter on Sunday, Miauka BIS neuter on Sunday and  BOS on Saturday! Maňulinka was nominated both days, BIV on Sunday!                                                                      
9.6.2007     Magnolia del Tao del Miao - Romanka´s Maňulinka - is CHAMPION!!!                                                               
9.6.2007 EP Indiana Jones Dr. Black Star*SK achieved today great succes: he is  DISTINGUISHED SHOW MERIT
9.-10.6.2007 Cat SHow in  Krakow, Polland: Lovík and Merci were nominated on Saturday, Indy BIS neuter and Miauka BOS neuter both daysi! Maňulinka is a Champion, CAC on Saturday,  CACIB, NOM on Sunday, BIV both days!                                                                      
6.6.2007 This morning stopped to beat young heart of our  Princess Terra felis... We miss you so much, Princezná....                                                                  
2.-3.6.2007 Cat show in Wr. Neustadt, Austria: Janka´s cats  - nominations both days! Mercinka BOS on Sunday! Maňulinka was first time in open class - both days CAC!                                                                      
9.5.2007 We have new kittens! Litter "R" - parents are Nanuk and Cecilka and litter "S" - parents are Nanuk and Čičík!                                                                      
5.-6.5.2007 Show in  Velika Gorica, Croatia: Indy was BIS neuter and BOB I. neuter on Sautrday! BOS neuter on Sunday! Nominations: Lovík both days in big competition,  Merci on Saturday                                                                      
28.+29.4..2007 Cat Show in Gyor, Hungary - Maňulinka BIS again on Sunday!  Loss by lottery on Saturday! Nominations: Ikey, Indy, Lovík, Miauka on Saturday!                                                                      
22.4.2007 Border show Žilina - Maňulinka  BIS joungsters again!  Nominations: Janka´s Indy, Lovík, Miauka, Romanka´s Ježeček! Keanu Reeves Black Star - first time at the show like neuter -nomination to BIS, Ninka´s Princezná - nomination to BIS!                                                                        
24.3.2007 Cat Show in Freistadt, Austria - Maňulinka is BIS again and JUNIOR WINNER! First devon rex - Junior Winner in Slovakia!  Janka´s company was complet nominated: Indy, Lovík, Miauka and Merci, too!                                                                      
24+25.2.2007 Cat Show in  Schwechat: Miauka  was BOS on Sunday,  Maňulinka, Lovík and Indy were nominated!                                                                      
10+11.2.2007 Cat Show in Ljubljana, Slovenia - 3 cups! Indy  BOS neuter both days, Miauka - BOS on Sunday,  Maňulinka, Ježeček, Lovík were nominated!                                                                      
5.2.2007 Ike /Icarus Scarface/ is Grand Inter Champion                                                                      
3.2.2007 Show in Gmunden - Maňulinka is  BIS! Lovík is Littleor Mister Austria 2006! Miauka, Indy and Ježeček were nominated!                                                                      
27.+28.1.2007 Cat Show in Budapest - 5 cups! Maňulinka was BIS 3-6m both days, Indy - BOS neuter both days, Ježeček was BIS 3-6m on Sunday                                                                      
21.1.2007 Romy has new kitten! She is from Ostrava, Czechia. Her name is - Princess Terra felis*CZ, but for us "Ježeček"!                                                                      
20+21.1.2007 Show in Ostrave: Indy was BIS neuter on Saturday! Miauka and  Maňulinka were nominated!                                                                      
5.11.2006 Romy´s devon rex family is extended. Ike has new girl - friend from Italy - Magnolia del Tao del Miao, sweet lady "Maňulinka"                                                                      
26.8.2006 we have new babies, litter "P", parents are  Nanuk   and      Quo Vadis and litter "O", parents are Nanuk and Cecilka                                                                      
5.8.2006 you can see some beautyfull pictures from our holliday in Norway, here....                                                                      
6.3.2006 Romy is  "owner"  of her new member of our cat-family...                                                                     
26.3.2006 we have new babies, litter "N", parents are  Nanuk   and      Qou Vadis                                                                      
  we have been started  succesfull autumn´s shows with litter "L" ...                                                                        
30.10.2005 we have new kittens, litter "M", parents are Nanuk   and     Qou Vadis                                                                      
29.8.2005 we visited kittens of Inka /IC Incognito Iduschka Black Star*SK/
27.8.2005 ... and we are growing up...
9.8.2005 a few pictures of jordan "animals" from our holiday....
18.7.2005 About us in Newspapers
1.7.2005 we´re starting


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