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Cat show in Budapest, HU  15. + 16.12. 2007

Sniežik is waiting for Best in Show....

Miauka-BIS neuter

preparing of Sniežik

C Agent, burma of Maťo, BIS winner!

naked Rhea

new steward Maťo

"hard working stewards"


Cat show in Graz-Lannach, A     8.-9.12. 2007

Miau-BOS neuter


best neuters of cat- I

Miauka + Doc Holiday

BIS neuter Doc Holiday La Noitan


Cat show in Niewegein, NL  18.11. 2007

We travelled to the really big show (more then 600 cats) in Niewegein, Nietherland, with a special show for burmese and burmila cats.

Judges invited were very interesting: 14 men  :-)   official dressed in  rose-black .  So our  small Slovak group couldn´t miss in such special event. Me and Romy with Sniežik and Maťo with sphynx Rhea and burmese Agent C. It was very succesful show for us: Sniežik was Best in Show kitten in class 12 (competition of 14 kittens), "C" was succesful in special burmese show - the best burmese look - and was nominated to BIS, Rhea was nominated  to BIS and only one step was missing for her victory!

Pictures from our trip and special show:

Sniežik likes the walk around the hotel


the wind is blowing to his coat

sitting for a moment and then - jump to the flower garden

come inside, I wanna bath

for sure: guard of the shadows

Rhea is really a sphynx


and  supermodel

one picture

and one more position

we are showing

waiting for compering to nomination


Eric judged 7 beautiful kittens


once again

playing on the table


we are nominated! And later: we will win BIS!

slovak cages

Alex judges Rhea

Maťo is looking to Alex and Rhea


What do they probably think?

Rhea - supermodel

Maťo and "C"

Fabio judges Agent C

Fabio likes "C" so much


Maťo, Fabio and "C"



"C" is nominated!

Comparing to nomination with  Rhea

nervous moments

Rhea is nominated, too!

How they love each other....


a few pictures from BIS


a few special photos

of rose-black dressed judges...

Eric and princess Veikko


They were siting like swallows and waiting...for BIS!

Ad de Bruijn

Albert Kurkowski

we don´t know why, but he looks like Helenka Vondráčková...


"Helenka in action"

Luigi had rose tie and socks



"men in rose".... and some pictures of Rotterdam´s bridges




Cat show in Wien, A 10.-11.11. 2007

Maňulinka and Sniežik

it´s warmer together

Sniežik in BIS

what part of the body is it?

Kiss me Quickly Damija Magic in BIS

BIS winner - Kissy and happy Renáta

nominated Keanu Reeves Black Star "Mišo"

Owner looks like his cat...? eyes..

...head shape...

...all the face and body....

Dušan and Mišo

nominated Rhea

nominated "C" Bur

Ad is killing "C"

Cat show Ostrava, CZ  13.-14.10. 2007

Sniezik in Best in Show

naked beauties of Maťo in BIS
 Best house cat "Hviezdička"


Catshow Liberec , CZ    29.9. 2007










Catshow Wels, A   22.9. 2007

Raymond Saartre and his judging in  BIS - best neuter - black Miauka - female

Beautyfull competition - male: EP Calypso von La´Noitan, DSM

Calypso - BIS Neuter

Janka with the cup of Miauka: BOS neuter

BIS adult female cats and nominated Merci

Laura Burani is looking for  BOB cat I

Catshow Bratislava, SK    15. + 16.9. 2007

Sisi in BIS, kittens 3-6m, result 2:2 against later winner Almerians Hand off!

 Janette - pupil judge of cat.I. is strictly looking to Romanka

Rhea Rex Scarface - BIS cat. III and BOB 2 both days! /but she hasn´t hair!/

again Rhea  without hair

We haven´t more foto from the show, so some pictures of exhibitors:

"Such a good time" with beer and coffee on the terrace...

Catshow Chodová Planá, CZ  1. + 2.9. 2007

BIS neuters BIS females cat.I.
Janka and  Merci - BIS female on Sunday Luis Coste judges Ikey, he nominated him in big competition! Steward "Jozef" and Ikey in BIS  
Place for evenings... work in brewery... Dog Albi - the most important person in Brewery  Chodovar How many bears? EC Miou - Miou of Black Star*SK, BIS neuter female cat. I. ,both days
IC Merci Terra felis*CZ, BIS female on Sunday

Catshow Interfelis Brno, CZ    23. + 24.6. 2007

Ferdinand of Jurian in Best in Show .....

1x showing  - BIS 6-10 m winning

Best of Best gr. I

Indy in BIS

Indy - BOS neuter

Miauka - BIS neuter

kittens of Damija Magic..

1x showed and nominated...


Maňulinka relax before judging....

Maňulka in BIS

adult females gr. III /8 nom cats/

I am really a supermodel....!

and I am a star, too!

Jitka Kytlerová again like a judge, we wish her a good health!

Janka + Miauka! Saturday BOS, Sunday BIS neuter!

Janka + Indy! Sunday BOS neuter!

Michala and Ferdo - first time showing with great succes! Both days BIS 6-10m, Best of Best gr. 1, BOB III on Saturday and BOB II  on Sunday! Congratulation Miška to super new boy! We wish you all the best for the next shows!

Cat show in Krakow, PL   9. + 10.6. 2007

Prepared prices for winners...

and nothing prepared for BOS neuters....

P+EC Miou-Miou of Black Star - EXO n

BOS neuter  + BIS neuter

EP Indiana Jones Dr. Black Star - EXO d 03 24

happy owner  Janka and her two winners

again Janka:

How long she can hold them?

Indy /right/ in Best in Show

Yan Roca - Folch is judging Maňulinka....

Maňulinka:"I´ll hold on it but I´m bearing...

... let´s make jogging....

... quite a good cat tree...

Best in Variety of  devon rexy gr.7

Maňulka: OK, you can see, I am the most beautiful!

Best in Variety!

Marcelka and her ocicat Anthus /a few days before child birth at the show/

...child must be prepared for showing, too...

nominated Maňulinka

I am really a supermodel

Maňulinka in Best in Show

Romanka in BIS like a steward, where does she look? Some interesting cat or man?

Cat Show in Wr. Neustadt, A    2. + 3.6. 2007

Lovík like competition to Lucasovi of Kenfthis /PER d/ - BIS both days!                    Merci - BOS on Sunday!

Indy - nominated neuter and his "personal steward" Norbert! Again competition from Kenfthis cattery!

Miou - Miou in BIS - female neuters!

Miou-Miou and Heaven Sent Diva /BOS neuter/

We bought some "dresses" for Maňulinka, she is really supermodel, isn´t she?

It was really a cat show:

started with horses:

When I will be big and reach, and I will have my own house - he will watch over me! Ideal to "Black Star" cattery! Isn´t?


...again dogs....

How many puddles?

and a lot if INSECT... but this one was really very nice.... spiders, please,...

... such a sweety lizards....

special kind - "wild green lizard" :-)

lovely snakes....

...something from other green....

...some rodents....



They are really great grilled!

Cat show in Velika Gorica, CRO    5. + 6.5. 2007

Great Succes of Indy /EP Indiana Jones Dr. Black Star*SK/ - BIS neuter and BOB 1 on Saturday!  BOS neuter on Sunday!

Our "slovak cages":

Nominated female neuter -  Devon rex from Italy, cattery Tao del Miao!

Again  devon of Mrs. Mariny Sferza

Lovík is showing himself in  BIS!

BIS adult cat. I

BIS neuter: nom Frankie Goes to Hollywood Damija Magic*SK

Indy like an actor..

I love everybody...

I will hold everything...

BIS neuter!

Best of Best of neuters:

Indy knows, what to do with judges - sweet kisses...

we are waiting....

Best of Best 1!

First time BOB 1!

Best of Best males!

Lary Ro-Še - british blue of Lucie Pánková

Again winner Lary!

and housecats...

Cat Show in  Schwechat, A  24 + 25.2. 2007

High Society Lady Damija Magic*Sk ,own Danka Ondrášová, nominated kitten

BIS neuters

Lovík in BIS

Indy in BIS

EC Miou - Miou of Black Star*SK  EXO n   with her owner Janka                     BOS adult on Sunday

Cat Show in  Ljubljana, SLO  10 + 11.2. 2007

our sleeping in hotel.....                                                           Ježeček during BIS....

  BIS neuter female, A Heavent Sent Diva, PER f 02, Austria BOS neuter male Mňauka in BIS 20 years of the club - cake + champagne for all /people/
  and nominated cats had champagne, too... Or the owners? Our cages... BIS adult male - St. Jude Lake-Land, PER d, Italy BIS + BOS  
BOS neuter male  - EP Indiana Jones Dr. Black Star*SK with his owner Janka BOS adult female - EC Miou - Miou of Black Star*SK with her owner Janka  

Cat Show in  Gmunden, A  3..2. 2007

EC Love of my Life Black Star*SK, PER n 01 - Little Mister Austria 2006!

Lovík with happy owner

Miss Austria 2006

Princess Lovely Panther*CZ, BRI a

owners Zuzka +Peter Hriň, Slovakia

Maňulinka in BIS

Maňulinka in BIS

Magnolia /BIS 6-10m/ with Romy

beautiful Princess Terra felis - "Ježeček"  in BIS  

We made some pictures of cups...

Lovík - I have som big cup, but I don´t like to look at it!

Indy - beware of me,I watch my cups!

Maňulka - I´m so small and 4-time winner by now!

Princess - I watch my first cup!

A few of historical pictures at this time...

Show in Bratislava:

pleasant moments on the show
brothers, neuters with "mothers - owners"
Ceasar with "happy owner" Fredie with Janka
Fredie - Neuter of the Year 2003 Ceasar: "cat´s life is such hard..."

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