About us

History of our breeding:

                The first cat started to live with us during Christmas 1996 - black persian cat named Ida Veľký diel*SK. She was only "our lovely pet". But later we decided to visit some international cat shows. After received her first "CAC" we decided to make a cattery named "Black Star*SK" /on the memory of our first black cat/. Not to be Ida alone at home, we bought her new male friend - persian blue bicolor boy Fa Bohemia Kastor. First kittens from our cattery was children of them.

                How the time has gone, we made them "neuters" and wanted to buy new cats, better corresponded with "persian standard". After long searching step by step started to live with us: Cecilka Bohemia Bonanza*CZ - persian black tortie bicolor - in 2002, Nanuk G z Tazu*CZ - exotic black bicolor and Quo Vadis Terra Felis*CZ - persian blue classic tabby in 2003. From breeding of this cats, we have got a really nice kittens, very succesful in showing and next breeding /EC Love of My Love Black Star*Sk, GIC Incognito Iduschka Black Star*SK, EP Indiana Jones Dr. Black Star*Sk, EP+EC Miou - Miou of Black Star*SK, IC Nut the Goddes of the Sky of Black Star*SK.../. For continuation of  a quality persian breeding started to leave with us Merci Terra felis*CZ - persian tortie bicolor and my white dream  "Sniežik" A*Challcats Nuage de Neige - persian white boy in 2007. Our dream continutes with beautiful tortie "Bella" I*Made in Italy Obsession, who started to live with us in summer 2008.

              During the spring of 2006,  Romana was falled in love with a small devon rex in some cat show.  So sunday´s evening we bring home this special breed, something between elf, space-alien and bat named Icarus Scarface*CZ. We were fully fascinated by their special crazy character, so at the end of the year a female -  Magnolia del Tao del Miao started to live with us, too. Next female, Nefertiti Scarface*CZ, came to live with us at the beggining of 2008.

               By this way I would like to thanks to all breeders, from who we have our cats: thank you for your lovely amazing wonderful cats, thanks for your help and advices:
- Jarka Krčmáriková with her family  from Žilina /cattery "Veľký diel*SK/
- Martina Tesárková from Ostrava, Czechia /cattery "Bohemia Kastor*CZ/
- Danka Dohnalová from Ostrava, Czechia /cattery "Bohemia Bonanza*CZ/
- Martin Seidler from Ostrava, Czechia /cattery "z Tazu*CZ/
- Michaela Tajzichová with her family, Ostrava, Czechia /cattery "Terra felis*CZ/                                                                                 - Manuela and Thomas Fleck from Graz, Austria /cattery "Challcats"/      
- Emaunela and Paolo Nardin, Italy  /cattery "Made in Italy/
- Ivana Ruffenachtová from Hustopeče, Czechia /cattery "Scarface*CZ/
- Marina Sferza from Triest, Italy /cattery "Tao del Miao/

Our breeding at this time:

We live in Žilina, north part of Slovakia, in 3-rooms flat. Besides me and my daughter Romana our cats live here:

- males:

European Champion EC Nanuk G z Tazu*CZ, DM                           EXO n 03 - exotic black bicolor

Champion  CH A*Challcats Nuage de Neige, JW                            PER w 62 - persian white with orange eyes

European Champion EC Icarus Scarface*CZ                                  DRX d 21 33 - devonrex red point tabby

- females:

Grand Inter Champion GIC Merci Terra felis*CZ                               PER f 03 - persian black tortie bicolor

Inter Champion IC Lara Croft Black Star*SK                                   EXO f - exotic black tortie

Made in Italy Obsession*I                                                             PER f - persian tortie

European Champion EC Magnolia del Tao del Miao, JW                 DRX b 21 33 - devonrex choclolate point tabby

Grand Inter Champion GIC Nefertiti Scarface*CZ                             DRX f 24 - devonrex  black tortie spotted

- neuters:

Grand Inter Champion Cecilka Bohemia Bonanza*CZ                       PER f 03 - persian black tortie bicolor

Grand Inter Champion Quo Vadis Terra felis*CZ                              PER a 22 -persian blue classic tabby


and from time to time some of our "kittens" come to visit us /if their owners are on holiday/, mainly:

European Premior EP Fredie Mercury Black Star*SK                            PER a 03 - persian blue bicolor

European Premior EP Indiana Jones Dr. Black Star*SK                        EXO d 03 24 - exotic red spotted bicolor

European Champion+Premior EP+EC Miou - Miou of Black Star*SK      EXO n - exotic blackna

European Champion EC Love of My Love Black Star*SK                        PER n 01 62 - persian black van

 /their owner is Ing. Janka Melišová/

          Our cats live with us at our flat, which is all adapted to cats - there is a lot of "cat-trees", baskets and small hauses for sleeping, cat-toys, they can come to balcony "on the air".

          All kittens leave our cattery older then 13 weeks, with all needed vaccination, with pedigree, pet passport and micro-chip. Every kitten takes part in minimally one international cat show. Kittens are independent, they themselves can eat and use toilette, they are snuggling, lovely, they know people and know to live with people. They are fantastic and lovely pets, but perfect cats for shows or breeding, too. All person interested about our cats are invited to visit us! We help new breeders with breeding and shows and give them all information about cat-breeding.

          Very often we take part in international cat shows like exhibitors and like stewards, too. I am FIFe judge for category I - persian and exotic cats from 2008.

        We participated in World Shows, too /Czechia - 2000/, Wien /Austria-2004/, Biella /Italy-2005/, Maastricht /Nietherland-2006/ and Bratislava in 2007 with our cats, too.

Veterinarien, who is taking care about our cats:


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