13.6.2009 We have at last pictures of our small babies of  devon rex, they are two month old yet!
7.6.2009 This weekend we competed at the show only on sunday  in Wr. Neustadt: Miauka in competitiom of three neuter females was BOS neuter, Bella got CACIB, was nominated to BIS and is an international champion!
May 2009 We have small devon rex kittens: one female: red point tabby, one male: red  point tabby and one male: chocolate spotted! More pictures and infos will be soon!
16-17.5.2009 Cat show in Velika Gorica, Croatia. Miauka was Best Neuter of cat. I and Best of Best Neuter II, both days. Bella has CACIB both days
3.5.2009 Our "home" show in Žilina: Tinka (EX1, Best in Variety, nomination to BIS), Satchmo (EX1 + nomination to BIS), Miauka (nomination to BIS), and Bella (CAC), she is a champion!
4.-5.4.2009 Satchmo, Tinka and Miauka  competed at the show in  Gyor (Hungary):  Tinka was EX1 + nominated to BIS on Saturday, Satchmo was EX1+nominated both days and Miauka  - both days BOS neuter:-))
14.-15.3.2009 Our three devon babies: Černuľ (Satchmo), Jimi and Tinka succesfully presented themselves at the show in Krems (Austria):  all babies were nominated to BIS both days and Satchmo was BIS 3-6 kitten both days! Only Miauka competed in cat. I - both days BOS neuter:-))
7.-8.3.2009 We travelled with our devon rex babies to Opole:  both days they were BIS litter of cat. III! Beruška was Besti in Variety and nominated to BIS! Only Miauka succesfully competed in cat. I - both days BIS neuter:-))
28.2.-1.3.2009 Cat show in  Bratislava:  our small devon rex kittens were first time on the show: both days best litter, Tinka on sundy BIS 3-6 month!
28.2..2009 Announcement of the results of  Best Cats of Slovakia 2008 - and for us: 2nd place in category of catteries and 3rd place of Sniežik in category of adults
31.1.-1.2.2009 Cat show in Ebreichsdorf and announcement of results of Mr. and Mrs. Austria 2008 - our winners are: Sniežik, Bella, Indy and Miauka!
6.1.2009 We have six small devon rex kittens!


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