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13.-14.12.2008 Cat show in Graz-Lannach: our last show of this year. Sniežik and Miauka were nominated both days, but we have no pictures, so we wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
6.12.2008 Sniežik is  Europa Champion!
6.-7.12.2008 Cat show in Budapest: Sniežik got his last CACE on Saturday and he is Europa Champion, both days was nominated to BIS! Miauka was BOS neuter on Saturday and BIS neuter on Sunday
8.-9.11.2008 Cat show in Opava: Miauka was BOS neuter both days, Sniežik nominated to BIS on Sunday and both days got CACE and price in the special show of white cats
1.-2.11.2008 Cat show in Wien: Miauka was BOS neuter both days, Sniežik nominated to BIS, first show of Amélie - small devonrex - she was nominated to BIS both days!
23.-24.10.2008 World Cat Show 2008 in Lisabon:  EP + EC Miou - Miou of Black Star*SK was was nominated to Best in Show! And we spent 8 beautiful days in Lisabon! Please, look at  our pictures:
11.-12.10.2008 Cat show in Budapest: Miauka was BIS neuter both days, Sniežik got CACE and was nominated, Bella was BIS junior on Saturday and nominated on Sunday...
27.-28.9.2008 Cat show in Tulln: Miauka was BIS neuter both days, Sniežik BOS adult both days, Bella was nominated... Dog show was in the next show halls....
20.-21.9.2008 Cat show Bratislava:  We had a really succesful weekend: we exhibited Sniežik, Miauka, Bella and Maňulinka with a great results: Sniežik was both days nominated and is  Grand Inter Champion, Miauka was both days BIS neuter - and obtain a new title - DISTINGUISHED SHOW MERIT, Bella was both days - BIS 6-10 month and obtain the title JUNIOR WINNER! Maňulinka had HP both days, on saturday was nominated to BIS!
30.-31.8.2008  Cat show Chodová Planá - after one year we repeated perfect beer bath on Friday, during weekend we colected the cups (6)! Hattrick on Sunday: Bella, Sniežik and Miauka BIS, Bella BOB3 and winner of Special Persian Show!
23.-24.8.2008  Cat show in Moedling: Bella was BIS kitten both days, Miauka BOS neuter on Saturday and Indy + Sniežik were nominated to BIS!
5.8.2008  We have new female-kitty! Let me introduce Made in Italy Obsession - for us "Bella"!
28.7.2008  We have small devon rex kitty Amélie! Parents are Ikey and Nefertiti.
3.7.2008  We have new kittens!
20.-21.6.2008 I succesfully passed my exam in category I at the show in Valtice and now I am a probational FIFe judge for category I - persian and exotic cats!
21.-22.6.2008 Cat show in Valtice - Janka exhibit only Miau-Miau, both days was BIS neuter!
8.6.2008 Sniežik - Challcats Nuage de Neige is Inter Champion!
8.6.2008 Hattrick at the show in Krakow /Poland/: three our cats were competed with result - three winners!Miauka BIS neuter, Indy BOS neuter and Sniežik BOS adult!
17.-18.5.2008 Again show in Austria - Wr. Neustadt.   Instead of cats, a lot of other animals was showed /dogs, snakes, frogs, spiders, terrible insect and "different creatures".... Results of our cats: Miauka BIS neuter on Saturday, BOS neuter on Sunday, Indy and Sniežik were nominated to BIS both days!
11.5.2008 Sniežik - Challcats Nuage de Neige - is a champion!
10.-11.5.2008 Cat show in Zagreb-Velika Gorica: Indy both days BIS neuter, Sniežik both days  CAC and  BIV
27.4.2008 Our show in Žilina: Miauka BIS neuter, Sniežik gaines his first CAC and nomination to BIS. Maňulinka and Nefer were nominated, too. Nefertiti: BIV, best devonrex female in special show, best devonrex cat in special show!

5.-6.4.2008 Cat show in Gyor, Hungary: Miauka -BOS neuter on Saturday, BIS neuter on Sunday, Indy and Maňulinka were nominated both days, Ikey on Sunday, Sniežik BIV and NOM  on Saturday, Nefer both days CACE!
16.3.2008 Magnolia del Tao del Miao Europa Champion!
15.3.2008 Nefertiti Scarface*CZ is Grand Inter Champion!
15.-16.3.2008 First show of this year in Austria /Ried/, with results of Mr. Austria 2007. EC Miou-Miou of Black Star*SK /Miauka/ is Mrs. Austria 2007 - best foreign female neuter of cat. I. On Saturday´s show was BIS neuter, on Sunday BOS neuter. Indy and Snežik were both days nominated to BIS,  Maňulinka both days gained CACE, Nefertiti CAGCIB and CACE!
8.-9.3.2008 After one month break we were to see Zagreb show in Croatia: Sniežik was both days Best in Variety in competition with aduĺt males, Miauka was BIS and BOB1 on Sunday, Indyško BIS male neuter!
9.-10.2.2008 We travelled to Slovenia for the show in Ljubljana. Both our neuters defeated big competition, Miau was BIS both days /BOB1 on Saturday and BOB2 on Sunday/, Indy was  BOS both days!
26.-27.1.2008 Show in Bratislave, only Miauka was applied, and both days BIS neuter!
19.-20.1.2008 Our first show in 2008 - Ostrava in Czechia: after longer time was Nanučik exhibited and devons, too. Sniežik, Ikey and Miauka were nominated both days, Nanuk on Saturday, Maňulka got CACE both days, Miauka was BOS neuter both days!

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