Cat show Wr. Neustadt, AT ,  7.6.2009

This weekend we competed at the show only on Sunday - Miauka was BOS neuter, Bella got CACIB, nomination and is an international champion.

Bella at BIS with Lee

Thea - pupil for cat. I

Nominated Miauka and Mario

Ad must decide about BIS and BOS neuter

Lovely black Miauka is Best opposite sex neuter in competition of 3 females!

Cat show Žilina, SK,  3.5.2009

At  our "home" show were  presented: Satchmo (EX1 + nomination to BIS), Tinka (EX1, Best in Variety, nomination to BIS), Miauka (nomination) and  Bella (CAC - she is a champion)!

Show was Memorial of Maťo: cups are waiting for the winners! cat´s Oprah:-)) Hviezdička - house cat with the owner Iva Hviezdička - Best Veteran if the show!
nominated Miauka and steward Miška
Miauka, Miška and Eric at BIS Tinka is waiting for the results of Best in Variety - she´s a winner! Tinka with her sweet expression!
nominated Tinuška at Best in Show   Michal and Satchmo at BIS
Eric again judges our black  Satchmo


Cat show Gyor, HU,  4.-5.4.2009

Satchmo (EX1+nomination to BIS), Tinka (EX1+nomination to BIS on Saturday) and Miauka (HP, BOS neuter both days) competed at the show in Gyor:

Eric likes judging, Satchmo is on the table

who like it more?

what is on the head?


Something in Eric´s hair?

Again Satchmo, with Penny


who will be nominated to  Best in Show?

Thea (judge) and pupil Lee enjoy devon-baby:-))

something secret?!

Satchmo at Best in Show


Satchmo and Nikol

nominated Tinka

Tinka at Best in Show

Janka and Satchmo


Thea is killing Tinka!?

Maňulinka on Romy´s handbag

Kiss me Quickly Damija Magic

Kiss with owner Renáta - BOS adults


best neuters of cat. I

Miauka - BOS neuter!

Janka and Miauka collected the cup:-)



serious pupil for categ. II


Cat show in  Krems, AT,  14.-15.3.2009

Our devon-babies presented themselves at the show in Krems, Austria. All of them - Satchmo, Jimi and Tinka were nominated to Best in Show! Satchmo was both days the winner of Best in Show - kittens 3-6 month. Miauka got the cup, too -  BOS neuter cat. I!

From left to right: Satchmo, Jimi and Tinka - presented themselves at the show!


We are trying new sleeping-place...

Let´s run away!

black Satchmo

"tortie" Tinka


blue-eyed Jimi

clever Tinuška

Satchmo - BIS both days!


Miauka - BOS neuter

Doc Holiday von La Noitan - persian black - BIS neuter



Cat show in Opole, PL,  7.-8.3.2009

Our small devon rex babies travelled with us to Opole in Polland.  Judges and people like them a lot, both days were Best Litter cat. III! Beruška was Best in Variety and nominated to BIS! Only Miauka succesfully compet in category I - both days BIS neuter!   

Winner BIS 6-10 m -persian chocolate boy Kody Jamren*PL


Miauka in BIS


Miauka is BIS neuter!

Winner on Saturday with silver cup...


and on sunday with gold cup


Litter "C" of Paradise City*Sk in Best in Show

BIS cat. III both days!

Judgement of Beruška at BIS! (Mr. Sagurski)


Every judge liked her... (Luigi Comorio)


Martin Kabina and Beruška

Olga Sizova

Beruška was showing herself like a supermodel :-))



Few pictuews of Beruška from Jerzy:-))

Hanne-Sofie with her student-judge enjoy our devon-babies




Cat show Bratislava, SK   28.2.-1.3.2009

Litter of our small devon kittens were first time at the show and both days like  BIS litter! Černuľ, Bernie and Tinka were nominated, too and Tinka was on sunday BIS 3-6 month!

Ad de Brujn judges the litter of 4 small devon rex kittens


from left to the right: István, Černuľ, Tinka and Jimmy

Eric and Lee like to judge


they really enjoy it! Bernie on the table

visitors enjoy the judgment of Eric, too

litter "C" Paradise City*SK in Best in Show

Bernie and Tinuška in BIS

ogain Tinka

Tinka in overal

E.T. phone home....

Bernie and Tinka in BIS

happy Romy with her winner


Černuľ was nominated to BIS

all the litter in the basket´s nest

Best Cats of Slovakia 2008

Results of the Best Cats of Slovakia 2008 were announced at the show in Bratislave. Our placement: 

Category  - Catteries: 2nd place - cattery Black Star*SK

Category - Adults:

3rd place: EC A*Challcats Nuage de Neige, JW - "Sniežik"

5th place: EC Icarus Scarface*CZ - "Ikey"

7th place: EC Magnolia del Tao del Miao*I, JW - "Maňulinka"

10th place: GIC Nefertiti Scarface*CZ - "Nefka"

Category - kittens and joungsters:

5th place: Made in Italy Obsession*I, JW - "Bella"

10th place: A*Challcats Nuage de Neige, JW - "Sniežik"

18th place: Vivien Westwood of Black Star*SK

19th place: Amélie Extraordinaire de Paradise City*SK

Category - Neuters:

2nd place: EP+EC Miou-Miou of Black Star*SK, DSM - "Mňauka"

4th place: EP Indiana Jones Dr. Black Star*SK, DSM - "Indy"

and some pictures:








Cat show Ebreichsdorf, A    31.1.-1.2.2009

Cat show in Ebreichsdorf  was combined with the announcement of results of Mr. and Mrs. Austria 2008. We bring home 4 cups for the best foreign cats:

Mister Austria 2008 - EC A*Challcats Nuage de Neige, JW - "Sniežik"

Mister Neuter Austria 2008 - EP Indiana Jones Dr. Black Star*SK, DSM

Miss Neuter Austria 2008 - EP+EC Miou - Miou of Black Star*SK, DSM

Baby Miss Austria 2008 - Made in Italy Obsession*I, JW - "Bella"

Sniežik was both days nominated to BIS, Bella got 2x CAC, Miauka was both days BOS neuter!

Mister Austria 2008 "Sniežik"

Miss Neuter Austria 2008 "Miauka"

Baby Miss Austria 2008 "Bella"

Slovak winners of Mr.+ Mrs. Austria 2008

Janka and Adrian Vričan + Supernova Eye of Tiger, MCO

This lovely "cat" got the cup, too - Jasmínka El Khaled

austrian/hungarian "burma mafia"

Sniežik at BIS

IC Kiss me Quickly Damija Magic - BOS adult both days

Kissy - BOS and Girabel Pepite  of Charablue (PER e 02) BIS and BOB I both days

happy owner Renáta and Kissy

female neuters at BIS: D´Eden Lover Nelly

and black Miauka

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