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Cat show Budapest, HU    6.-7.12.2008  

 Special funny cat show on Mikuláš´s day - Macskulás! Sniežik was nominated both days and he is Europa champion,  Miauka BOS neuter on Saturday and BIS neuter on Sunday

stewards like "Mackulás"  




hard working speaker of  BIS....
Sniežik - Best in Show  


BIS 3-6 m  - Rainbow Damija Magic with Danka

Malinka Lora Primrose - best female of gr.I


Petovia´s Odie - best male of gr. I


EP+EC Miou - Miou of Black Star- on Saturday BOS neuter, together with BIS neuter Don Ceasar La Noitanand on Sunday BIS neuter together with BOS neuter Yasmin Terra felis and happy ladies




Cat show Opava, CZ    8.-9.11.2008  

 Miauka was BOS neuter both days, Sniežik was nominated on Saturday, and got CACE both days and price in the special show of white cas

Amelka in T-Shirt


Amelka during judging

Amelka during judging (2)

Miou-Miou, BOS neuter

Yasmin Terra felis - BIS neuter 


white Siežik - GIC Challcats Nuage de Neige, JW

Cat show Wien, A   1.-2.11.2008  

We enjoyed the biggest show in Austria this year:  Miauka was BOS neuter both days, Sniežik was nominated to BIS, and small devonrex Amélie on her first show was both days nominated to BIS in hard competition of kittens






World Cat Show Lisabon, PT    23.-24.10.2008  

We spent wonderfull 8 days in Lisabon:  We were so happy during weekend: Miauka - EC + EP Miou - Miou of Black Star*Sk, DSM, was nominated to Best in Show! Sniežik and Bella got EX2 in hard competition. And next six dayd we enjoyed Lisabon and a lot of beautiful places in Portugal!  pictures here

Cat show Budapest, HU    11.-12.10.2008  

Nice show, nice succes:  Miauka  BIS neuter both days, Sniežik nomination,  Bella BIS junior on Saturday and nomination on Sunday, young Vivien was nominated both days, too

judging of Vivien

small friends - Vivien Westwood of Black Star and Ruby Cairo Damija Magic


Alex Schukin is judging Vivien and Bella

serious Miou-Miou of Black Star

and funny Sniežik  in BISe

funny Sniežik during judging

and is nominated to BIS

after longer time naked Rhea came to the show

Juraj Choma is presented his russian darlings

The Adamec´family with  tiger Anthus and baby Arthur

Cat show Tulln, A    27.-28.9.2008  We had again succesful weekend:  Miauka was BIS neuter both days, Sniežik BOS adult, Bella was nominated...  Some non-cats pictures from next show halls:

this one looks like a big EXO adult male...

funny preparation of the dogs


relax or rezignation?


this looks like me (sometimes) at the mirror... the morning...

These are really really DOGS:


some funny brushes or mops

Cat show Bratislava, SK    20.-21.9.2008  

After longer time we were in Bratislava: Miauka - BIS neuter, Bella BIS 6-10 mesiacov, Sniežik and Maňulinka were nominated

Mr. Sagurski judge Sniežik

yes, I love it!

chrr, chrr!

comparing to nomination

competition in adult males

quick control
Sniežik is nominated

Natálka, young next breeder and exhibitor

Sniežik is happy on her arms

Bella - BIS 6-10m

Miauka - BIS neuter


small burmese kitten

Romy and small BUR


Cat show Chodová Planá, CZ     30.-31.8.2008  

We were again after one year in Chodová Planá, we brought home 6 cups! Saturday:  Bella was BIS kitten and BOB3, Miauka BIS neuter-female, Sniežik and Indy were nominated. Sunday - hattrick in category I: Bella BIS kitten, Sniežik BIS male, Miauka BIS female-neuter! Bella was BOB3 and winner of Special Persian  Show! We hadn´t time to make some pictures, so only few photos of winners and cups. We didn´t forget to have a "Beer Bath" on Friday...


 Cat show Moedling, A     23.-24.8.2008 -  

 Bella was on her first show in Austria - both days BIS kitten! Miauka was BOS neuter on Saturday, Sniežik and Indy were nominated!



Bella and Sniežik at Best in Show!

Indy is relaxing...

and snoring...

now is judged...

Preparation of Sniežik

brushing the neck

I don´t like it so much


I am scored, already!

he judge me.....

Who will be nominated to BIS? Sniežik or Indiana Jones v.Spindeleben?


Sniežik is nominated!

Such a pleasure!

And one posture for paparazzi!


Valtice, CZ    21.6.2008 -  my exam for category I

Cat show in Krakow, PL 8.6. 2008

Hattrick at the show in  Krakow, Sniežik - BOS adult, Miau - BIS neuter, Indy - BOS neuter!

Sniežik has been waiting one hour in the cage for BIS!

He really doesn´t like it, wants to sleep




Sniežik in BIS

competition of adult males - persian blue bicolor

persian black


persian black harlequin

white persian Sniežik

 thirsty winner



Wr. Neustadt, A  17. + 18.5. 2008

Sniežik was nominated to BIS both days....


winner Petovia´s Oddie

Indy and Norbert, his "personal steward"


I wanna eat...

one kiss to Norbert...

show position...

black Miauka and blue Don Ceasar La Noitan, BIS and BOS neuters cat .I
happy ladies, owners of winners

Velika Gorica, CRO  10. + 11.5. 2008

Luigi is judging Indy

best neuters of cat. I

Indy - BIS neuter

judges admired joung burmese kitten...


he was walking on the tables....

...and BIS winner! Congratulation to Laca and Judit!

best house cat Djurdja

norwegien forest males of Leszka Szpineter in BIS

Ried im Innkreis, A  15. + 16.3. 2008

Official results of Mr. and Mrs. Austria 2007 - EC + EP Miou-Miou of Black Star is Mrs. Austria 2007 - best foreign female neuter from cat. I.

Sniežik - nomination in class 11

nominated female-neuter WW´07 Heaven Sent Diva

nominated female-neuter Miau -  BIS winner

nominated male-neuter Doc Holiday La Noitan

nominated male-neuter Indy

best male and female neuters: Don Ceasar La Noitan and Miou

Miau - Miau - BIS neuter

happy Janka with winner Miauka

nominated adult male Emar Juanito

nominated and BIS winner - adult male Jubileum Freddie The Freeloader

Larry Ro-ŠE - BIS in cat. III

Larry - Mister Austria 2007 - adult, cat. III

Alba Regia Ultimatum - Mister Austria 2007, neuter, cat. III

the Choulík´s family and their group of winners Mr. Austria

the Choulík´s family is celibrated....

EP+EC Miou-Miou of Black Star*SK

Mrs. Austria 2007 - female neuter of cat. I - Miou-Miou

Happy Janka with  maxi-cup for Mrs. Austria

Zagreb, CRO  8. + 9.3. 2008

Sniežik in show position...


BIS cat.I + BOB 1, Kuori Karpe Diem.

Beautiful winner! Manuela, congratulation!

Miauka-BIS neuter + BOB1!

Indy - BOS neuter!

it´s cold, here....

it´s better to be together.....

Rhea in BIS

showing sphynx

Rhea is magical..


and playful...

we haven´t ocicat on our website, yet


so better is 2 pictures

Yan "is showing his face"

 Romy "is showing his face", too


new Oprah!!!!


  and night dancers

:-) :-)  :-)

Cat show in Bratislava, SK  26.-27.1.2008

we haven´t photocamera on the show...

Cat show in Ostrava, CZ  19.-20.1.2008

After longer time Nanučik was exhibited (nomination on Sunday), at our show-group couldn´t miss: devons, Sniežik, Mňauka (nominations both days, Mňauka BOS neuter), Maťo with his cats, Danka with Ferrari. Many thanks for this pictures to Jerzy Matysiak,


steward Romy is waiting for beginning of the judging

special morning important talks...

waiting for judging with Sniežik

one more time


Elisabeth is judging Sniežik

Sniežik "is making" special faces.....

Nanučik on the show after longer time


Ferrari Damija Magic

waiting for nominations - adult females


devons - Maňulka and Ikey - waiting for judging

waiting in their special basket

Ikey like supermodel on the neck

decision about neuters in BIS

black Mňauka is waiting for voting


one point missing for winning of Mňauka

and so she is BOS neuter

steward Maťo (one of his last pictures)

Romy and Ferdinand of Jurian

Míša - owner of fantastic Ferdo

Maťo "is lobbing" for Sniežik in BIS


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